Merit Bars

Merit Bars

  • DeMolay's are eligible to acquire points from the day they receive the Initiatory Degree until they become 21 years old
  • It will become the responsibility of the DeMolay to track, record and apply for (on the proper form) his Merit bar awards
  • The Chapter Dad must approve all applications for merit bar awards by signing the application form
  • The regalia shall consist of the head (which shall be earned by reciting the Initiatory Degree obligation from memory in open chapter) and the Drop (which shall be earned by reciting the DeMolay degree from memory in open chapter) with a maximum of seven bars to be worn at any one time.
  • The seven categories include: Membership, Visitation, Ritual, Religion, Athletics, Scholastics, and Merit (activities)
  • Each Merit Bar is produced in five (5) colors. Each color designates the number of times a DeMolay has received a bar in that category.
    1. White
    2. Red
    3. Blue
    4. Purple
    5. Gold
  • The advisory board, through the Dad-in-charge of merit bars, will be responsible for acquiring and distribution of merit bars
  • The previous level of merit bar must be returned to the Dad-in-charge with the application for the next level of achievement

Merit bars are earned in the following categories:

  • Membership
  • Merit
  • Religion
  • Scholastic
  • Visitation
  • Ritual
  • Athletics

Merit Bar Requirements

Athletic - Participation in an athletic endeavor of an individual or team nature for at least one year and any Chapter athletic events. (Letter to be submitted)

Membership - For being the first-line signer on three membership applications of individuals who subsequently are initiated in the Chapter.

Merit - Participation in six chapter events (fundraising, public service, social or fraternal), two of which must be fundraising.

Religion - One level for each year of regular attendance of Church or Sunday School (a letter attesting to the fact is required) and all Chapter church parades.

Ritual - A total of 125 points per level
The following point system will be used for each Official performance of the ritual

Initiatory Degree Points
Master Councilor 40
Marshal 25
Senior Councilor 20
Senior Deacon 20
Junior Councilor 20
Chaplain 15
Preceptors 15
Senior Steward 5
Junior Steward 5
DeMolay Degree Points
Master Councilor 35
Jacques DeMolay 50
Master Inquisitor 45
Junior Inquisitor 25
Orator 25
Senior Inquisitor 10
Guy of Auvergne 5
Senior Guard 5
Marshal 5
Lord Constable 5
Representative DeMolay Ceremony Points
Chancellor 50
Preceptor 15
Inquisitor 15
Herald 5
Majority Service Points
Master Councilor 25
Senior Councilor 10
Junior Councilor 20
Chaplain 5
Flower Talk 40
Ceremony of Light 30
Father's Talk 25
Installations Points
Installing Officer 40
Senior Councilor 10
Junior Councilor 10
Chaplain 10
Marshal 5
Senior Deacon 5

Scholastic - Must maintain a minimum 70% average for one year with no marks below 60%, or show a marked improvement from last terms marks (at least 15%).

Visitation - Three visits to other Chapters, one of which must be out of the city or one level for every 1,600 km traveled while visiting. Whichever is least.


Once you determine that you have earned your merit badge in a specific category, you should provide the justification to your Chapter Advisor or the person designated on your advisory council to coordinate Merit badges for the Chapter.

Merit Bar Application Form

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