ACRs are Live and Online!

Advisor Continuing Regist-rations are live! However, there is a new twist this year. As of October 1, 2017, ACRs and AWAs (Adult Worker Applications) must be completed online using DeMolay International’s eScribe system. Each advisor must fill out their own ACR online and cannot be done by another advisor. Here is a rundown of some FAQs provided by DeMolay International:
Is there a walkthrough of the Continuing/New Advisor Application process? 
Yes! Here it can be found through this link and on eScribe under Resources -> Videos -> 4.) Advisor Registration
Does the Chapter Chairman need to sign off?
No. The Chapter Chairman no longer needs to recommend New or Continuing Advisors. Should a Chapter Chairman or another other Advisor have an issue with someone serving on the Advisory Council of the Chapter, they serve, they should bring that to the attention of their Executive Officer. 
Can we still pay as a Jurisdiction/Chapter? 
Absolutely! Simply click the checkbox to the left of multiple payment pending applications and click the "pay" button. It will then take you to PayPal, and you pay for multiple Continuing/New Advisor Applications. You DO NOT need a PayPal account; you can pay by Debit or Credit Card right on that screen. 
Can we still submit paper forms? 
No. As of October 1, 2016, all Advisor Registrations, both new and continuing, and ISC Change/No Change forms must be completed on eScribe.
Is eScribe secure? 
DeMolay is very protective of data of our members. We have encrypted all privacy related data for Advisors and all members. We encrypt all personal information (SSN, Driver’s license number) in transit using SSL and at rest in the database using 128-bit AES Encryption. This data is stored in a much safer manner than on a paper form. 
As a final level of corporate protection, DeMolay does hold a Cyber Liability policy with Philadelphia Insurance that even goes as far as to cover PCI compliance fines. This protects both DeMolay Advisors and DeMolay International. To obtain this level of coverage we had them review our processes and data security.
Should you have other questions related to the Advisor Registration application process, please contact us at or call 1(800) DEMOLAY.

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