Leadership Training Conference 2017

Leadership Training Conference (LTC) is the premiere event for Region 1 DeMolay. Since its inception, LTC has been bringing DeMolays from across New England and Atlantic Provinces together for brotherhood and learning that revolutionizes the way we think about DeMolay. Over the span of seven days and six nights, DeMolays will grow their knowledge and skills to become leaders in the Chapters and throughout their jurisdictions.
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The 2017 Leadership Training Conference will be held at Loins Camp Pride in New Durham, New Hampshire from August 13 to the 19. The cost of the event is $350. The registration deadline is July 1, 2017. 
Registration is fully electronic this year with online registrationEach DeMolay must fill out a paper application and submit it to their Chapter Advisor for registration. This form will include your medical information and preferences to tracks and courses. The paper form can be found here and on our websites!
Leadership Tracks:
On top of spending a week with their brothers building brotherhood, DeMolays have the ability to select different programs to attend within LTC. Each "track" gives valuable skills to each DeMolay. Based on their experience within DeMolay, members can choose to take leadership courses for DeMolay in general or their Chapter in particular. Past Master Councilors can attend LTC to gain the talents necessary to become effective Jurisdictional Officers.
Which track should you take?
Evening Tracks and DeMolay Degree:
To help the registration process become even smoother up in New Hampshire, sections regarding the DeMolay Degree and evening tracks have been added. Each DeMolay will participate in one extra course: Event Planning, Communications, Chapter Operations, and Membership. DeMolays are also asked to identify any DeMolay Degree parts they may know in anticipation for the annual performance at LTC.
Questions or concerns about the online registration can be directed to Dad David Abbott. All questions about the registration process and LTC can be sent to the Registrar, Dad Matthew Gerrish.
We look forward to seeing you at LTC!

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